The M.A.Y.A. Podcast

Welcome to the podcast that covers salient topics from a fresh and forward thinking perspective. MAYA: My Ambition Your Ambition, pulls back the veil of self doubt and sabotage that plagues so many of us in lives. Get ready to be INSPIRED to identify your ambitions. MOTIVATED to activate the motivation you need to ACTUALIZE the satisfaction and success you desire in your daily life.

M.A.Y.A_ Episode #63: Let’s Talk Mental Wellness aka Health M.A.Y.A: My Ambition Your Ambition

Mental Wellness aka Health is the engine that drives your daily life. From the moment you wake even when you are sleep your mind is working. It is processing your day, week, the month… hell your life. Mental wellness is where your thoughts and emotions are created then manifest into behaviors and actions. This in essence means every aspect of your life is influenced and impacted by your mental wellness. In Episode 63: Let’s Talk about Mental Wellness /Health, we will put this very powerful and essential tool, asset and at times liability into perspective.
  1. M.A.Y.A_ Episode #63: Let’s Talk Mental Wellness aka Health
  2. Conversations with Maya an interview with Tex Wambui of SITTY
  4. M.A.Y.A. Episode 61: Revisiting Authenticity
  5. M.A.Y.A. Episode #60: The M.A.Y.A. Virtual Mail…The Last Delivery of the Year!!!

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