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Maya Akai (Gavin)

Meet Maya Akai, MA, LPC, CADC is a life traveler with intriguing and pertinent experiences. She has 20+years of professional experience in mental health coupled with broadcasting, social services, education and addictions studies. Maya’s personal and professional endeavors provide her with profound insight and empathy on many social, emotional and mental levels.

Life has its challenges, don’t feel you have to figure it out alone. Interested in working with Maya to restore or to continue to build your mental wellness. Click here to schedule a session with Maya TODAY!!

Work with MAYA to Strike A Balance in Your Work-Life World

Motivational Speaking Event and Workshops

Get Inspired!!! Book Maya to speak to your company, small group, organization or University about harnessing the power of mindfulness to maximize your daily life experience. Every thought has the power to change your life. Get ready to understand why and how. Get motivated from a speaking event or workshop that will teach you to weaponize your mind to fight for and defend the life you desire through learning the purpose and power of mindfulness!! Contact M.A.Y.A. today to learn more!!

Recovery Coaching

Mental wellness can be impacted by many things; self doubt, sabotage  and substance abuse.  Many people struggle with issues that lead them to trying to find ways to numb themselves and deal with their life traumas. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse issues, a recovery coach could be the change agent needed to address the issues that lead to unwanted substance use and or abuse.

To learn more about recovery coaching contact M.A.Y.A. today!

College Career Coaching Program

As many young adults move forward in their new and next big life changing event, help them to prepare for the change, challenges and excitement that awaits them. The goal of  the M.A.Y.A. College Career Coach Program (CCCP), is to prepare young adults, mentally, emotionally and financially for college life. Whether leaving home for a campus miles away or starting college close to home, the CCCP works with new college students, one on one, during Year One to help them to settle in and excel! Contact M.A.Y.A. today to learn more !

“I think, therefore I am”

Renee Descartes, Philospher

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